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First actual kunoichi battle by mutantninjadragon
First actual kunoichi battle
AHHHHHH BACKGROUNDS!!!! OK, so this is April and Shinigami fighting, a crazy Kunoichi vs Witch battle, or another cat fight. I mean really, that episode was an EPIC-sode!!!!Love Love Love I am a dummy! I am a dummy! I am a dummy! La la la la La la la la  I know April's spirit animal is the dragon, but when I checked her birth year 1995 with Asian animal zodiac, and it said she was born in the year of the PIG!This is the dumbest thing I have ever seen Emote  So much for dragon tanto... don't tell April about my discovery. Anyway, anybody else think April's magical necklace is driving her to become little miss psycho? You guys saw how she wanted to attack Shinigami, she was so angry she was gonna take a life!!!TMNT Slash Gif Icon 
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2012 series along with April and Shinigami belong to NickelodeonApril Icon - Holding Pizza Nickelodeon - April Omg! :PizzaParty: TMNT Icon 
Art by me-MutantNinjaDragon
Ultra Dragon head symbols by mutantninjadragon
Ultra Dragon head symbols
I made these for the sake of drawing the Ultra dragon easier.I am a dummy!  Some call it being lazy, some call it another way out.Meow :3  I always wondered what happened to him/her/hermaphrodite, suddenly the great dragon guardian of the Green/Golden Ninja vanishes at of nowhere and the ninja don't even bother hanging up "Missing: Ultra Dragon, large four headed dragon with powerful elemental control.":| (Blank Stare) :o (Eek) CURSE YOU! I'm gonna talk about how I think of the elemental dragons individually right now so if you don't want to enter my conversation and opinion skip to the bottom.
Wisp: The first hatched dragon, the "fearless leader" type, he's quick to act if there's danger, being the largest I describe him as "big bro bolt." As almost all of us know, he needed an amplifier to roar louder, so I guess he needed a way to tell everyone to "SHUT UP" more earsplitting than usual. He's usually the relaxed guy, but sometimes he'll get agitated about some of the annoying feuds his siblings have. Having respect in authority, his body became the shape the Ultra dragon lives with. Gender: Malemale 
Rocky: Second hatched-from-the-egg dragon bro. You look at Rocky's head, he has no room for the earth ninja symbol, poor little/big guy...:( (Sad)  I always thought Rocky would be like an over-sized puppy, chasing after toad so he can eat it. I think of him as the second hatched brother who is muscular, powerful, and lovable, but kinda immature, like Po from Kung Fu Panda. Gender: Male male 
Flame: Third hatched brother in whom is the hot-headed and reckless one :hot: (pun not sure if should be intended:baffled: ). Also known as the "fire first and ask questions later" guy, he's rough but loyal. When someone calls him "short-tempered, hot-tempered, explosive, rash, or irresponsible," that dude better run. Flame has a lot in common with Kai. Gender: Malemale 
Shard: Last hatched and smallest of the dragons, Shard is the intelligent, cool and collected one. From the fact that Shard came out the tiny one, the size is replaced with strategy. The name "Shard" randomly gives me the idea that the elemental ice dragon guardian... is a woman. I don't know just that idea feels great, Zane the titanium ninja and his lady dragon, Shard! It's just too adorable!!!La la la la La la la la Love Love But won't be as weird as Fishlegs and Meatlug from How to train your Dragon. Gender: Femalefemale 
As of my opnion of Shard being a girl while the other three are guys, I believe Ultra dragon is hermaphrodite-a gender that doesn't seem to fit the typical genders of male and female. Synonyms: intersex, andrognous.
The creation of these elemental head symbols is so I don't have to draw them EVERY SINGLE TIME I DRAW ULTRA. That might make me die from exhaustion.
Ninjago, Ultra dragon and the elemental dragons belong to LegoLloyd Dance (Com) Kai Dance (Com) Jay Dance (Com) Cole Dance (Com) Zane Dance (Com) Nya Dance (Com) Sensei Garmadon Dance Ninjago gang icon free to use Surprised icon *wink* Yikes Smirky snake 
Cinnamon roll Centi by mutantninjadragon
Cinnamon roll Centi
We all call her that, right? The sweet little cinnamon roll who's so precious we must protect her.:iconohyoublushplz: :iconohyoublushplz: :iconohyoublushplz: 
(Spoilers!!!!) Why Monster Reunion?! The moment we found out the diamonds caused the corruptions and pain, we yelled "DOWN WITH THE DIAMONDS!!!!" I personally think that when Centipeetle remembered that song/light, it re-corrupted her. Also one last thing, NO ONE KNOWS WHAT GEM SHE IS, ALL SHE SAID WAS "GURGLE CLICK CLICK" WHICH SOUNDS LIKE THE JADE-ALBITE MAW-SIT-SIT!!! IF SHE SAID SHE WAS EMERALD SHE'D GIBBER "EEE RAHHH!"
Steven Universe and adorable little Centipeetle belongs to Rebbecca Sugar and Cartoon Network


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A real HTTYD, TMNT2012, Lego CHIMA, Lego ninjago, and lilo n stitch lover. Want more copics sketch. Gonna draw a lot of stuff and nobody can stop me. Feminize the Mutanimals and Ninja Turtles

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